Allan Chase

Jazz Saxophonist, Composer, Educator

Other People Named Allan Chase, Alan Chase or Allen Chase

People often misspell Allan (Alan, Allen, Alun, Allyn...), so I'm sometimes listed in print as Alan Chase or Allen Chase. On the other hand, I'm often confused with other Al...n Chases. If you're looking for the jazz critic or trombonist/brass ensemble composer, see below. There's also an electronic dance music Alan Chase, a Nashville singer named Chase Allan, etc.

I'm not related to any of these people, as far as I know. For the genealogists and long-lost family members out there, I am related to some Chases, including distant relations Aquila and Salmon Portland, and to some Springsteens, Blauvelts, Spears, and Onderdonks on my mother's side, and Brebners on my father's side.

Fame & Fortune-Allan Chase 45.jpg

Allan Chase - Pop singer

This 1950s-early 60s pop singer named Allan Chase (no relation) was apparently in The Four Voices. Johnny D found this 45 ("Fame and Fortune" b/w "All I Want is You") at a record convention and gave it to me. (He sounds kind of like Al Martino.) Apparently he had another record called "I'm in Love with Miss Connie Francis."

Allan Chase - Author, ETc.

I may write a book on jazz improvisation or the history of free jazz and Sun Ra someday, but it hasn't happened yet. I don't know much about this author, but I'm not related as far as I know.

My father was named Stuart, but we're also not related to the economist and social theorist Stuart Chase (1888-1985) , either.

BILL CHASE and the band CHASE

When I moved to Boston in 1980, many musicians and members of the Berklee community assumed (or discreetly inquired whether) I was related to the late lead trumpet great Bill Chase, who had died tragically in a plane crash with several members of his band’s rhythm section. He grew up in Squantum, Massachusetts and attended both NEC and Berklee (Schillinger House) and some of my Berklee colleagues had known him well as a student and/or bandmate with Woody Herman and others. His family’s original name was Chiaiese. I’m not related to him.

The band Chase - no relation.

The band Chase - no relation.


I am distantly related to US Supreme Court chief justice, Treasury Secretary, and abolitionist Salmon Portland Chase, but, sadly, not to the bank named in his honor or any of its holdings.

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Alan Chase - NH Jazz Critic, Saxophonist

Alan Chase (no relation) has written jazz record reviews for the Manchester Union Leader and national and regional publications.

He's about one year older than me, and used to play alto saxophone in a New Hampshire-based big band and other groups at the Press Room in Portsmouth, NH and other clubs where I sometimes play. It's caused a lot of (sometimes humorous) confusion -- our credentials mixed up at jazz conventions, me being invited to vote in end-of-year jazz polls as a critic (I write about jazz sometimes, including two published book reviews, but not record or gig reviews), and general confusion about which one of us was playing. We have mutual friends and colleagues and have met a few times.

Alan Chase shared this in 2009:

"Alan Chase has been a staff member at the University of NH for over 23 years, where he is currently the Supervisor of the Multimedia Center in the Main Library. He is a 1977 graduate of Keene State College in Keene, NH with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Education and a 2004 Graduate of the University of NH with a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Jazz History & Non-Fiction Writing. As a music journalist, Chase has written for the Portsmouth Herald Spotlight Magazine and has also contributed to the Manchester Union Leader. His current writing affiliation is with The Wire, a weekly news and nightlife magazine published in Portsmouth, where he writes a column called the Jazz Universe. Chase also writes performance and CD reviews for the paper. Chase also works as a free-lance saxophonist around the upper northeast area. He was a 14 year member of the Seacoast Big Band, based in Durham, NH, where he accompanied a number of artists such as Clark Terry, Frank Wess, Bobby Shew, Peter Erskine, Bob Mintzer, Rebecca Parris and a host of others. Chase currently performs on a part-time basis with the Gerry Grimo’s East Bay Jazz Ensemble from Windsor, VT and Larry Simon’s Seacoast All-Stars based in Portsmouth. Chase can be contacted via e-mail at:

"Alan’s connection with Allan Chase in Boston is somewhat unique. Alan at one time dated a cousin of Allan’s in the late 70’s. Over the years, the two have shared several humorous experiences with people confusing one for the other, since both are saxophone players (Allan is a much better player). They’ve occasionally joked about doing a gig together, calling it “Al(l)an Chase Squared.”

Allen Chase Brass Quartet No. 1.jpg

Allen Chase - Detroit Trombonist and Brass Composer

I've had trouble tracking down this Allen Chase (no relation), who I'm told taught trombone and played principal trombone in the Detroit Symphony, possibly including the years 1967-74. Colleagues returning from brass conventions would often compliment me on my brass quintet or other compositions, but they weren't mine. (I did write one brass quartet, but to my knowledge it's only been played on my bachelor's degree composition recital.)

If you have more information on Allen Chase the trombonist, please let me know. A few people have asked me for contact information for him or his family.